- April 30th, 2018

In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, the world of real estate marketing is slowly realizing that selling a home has become more reliant upon the power of the internet.

If you go back a mere 10 years, the method of marketing a real estate property relied heavily upon print media to achieve this desired outcome. Now, however if you look at the stats, more than 90% of homebuyers start their home buying process through the internet. So this fact begs the question, if a seller wants to put their home on the market, does it not make sense for them to team up with an agent who knows and understands the internet to maximize the odds of selling a home in the quickest and most efficient way possible?

To answer this question we can look at what successful agents are doing; because in todays real estate world of marketing, agents need to be doing more than just entering a listing into the MLS and putting up yard signs. The process of a successful real estate agent is not just a calculated and deliberate one, but it is also just being an expert on what works in terms of selling homes on the internet. 

Successful agents are aggressive internet marketers

It’s no secret that being an agent and running the day to day operations of your job is no less time consuming than how it was before the internet. Now with the inclusion of the internet, that means agents have to be even smarter with their time. And look, internet marketing is no joke. It’s one of the fastest growing tech industries in the world and that means that the scope of what an agent needs to know to be a successful marketer is demanding. 

Can an agent be an agent and also a full-time real estate internet marketer?

I briefly mentioned the broad spectrum of internet marketing, but what I want to do now is break down what that actually incorporates.

So let’s do the math…

Some common themes you’ll find with successful agents are:

They have a real estate website

They update their website 

There is valuable content on their website

They have a Facebook business page

They provide valuable content on their Facebook business page

They have a CRM that is constantly being updated with new leads

They have a marketing strategy targeting those leads

Email marketing

The reason why successful agents invest so much time and money into these things is because they know that in todays modern world, the rules of the game have changed. Some agents or teams even decide to outsource their online marketing efforts to real estate marketing agency's who do all the work for them, like this one. Sure you can have an agent who’s well established and connected and still gets plenty of business that way without the help of an active online presence. But this method of operating is self-serving and not in the best interest of the client, who ultimately wants to maximize their satisfaction in selling their home. If a buyer wants to find an agent who can sell their home in the most effective way, the buyer can determine a lot of things about that agent just by looking at how much pride they take in caring about their online activities selling clients’ homes. 

Maybe you’re still not convinced. Maybe you’re still scratching your head thinking that if an agent is clued up with the internet and the promotion activities of clients’ listings, that won’t necessarily mean that they’re an expertly informed agent about their local market. First of all to answer this valid concern you have to understand that to write or design engaging and valuable content that is relevant and local, the agent can only do so in a successful way if they are ALREADY experts and informed about their market. It is very hard for example to write an article about your local market when you have no idea what is actually happening in your local market. 

Online promotion is a very important part of marketing a home for sale in the Riverside County area - and Temecula in particular where competition is stiff. If you are interviewing Temecula realtors, be sure to ask what their online marketing strategy is. If you have questions on buying or selling a home in Riverside County, don’t hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call. My number is (951) 389-4175.