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De Luz

Expansive luxury homes on spacious lots in an idyllic natural setting.


Nestled within the avocado and citrus groves of the Santa Rosa Plateau, the refined community of De Luz offers some of the most luxurious properties within the Temecula Valley region.

Located at the southern end of the Santa Ana Mountains, De Luz’s majestic homes provide commanding views that can reach as far as the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. Residents also enjoy the cooling ocean breezes that have helped make the Temecula Valley such an ideal setting for wine production.

Surrounded by century-old oak trees, winding streams, hiking trails, and abundant green spaces, De Luz is a secluded community in a pristine rural setting. It is a place for enjoying the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors, while located within a short drive from the cosmopolitan amenities of downtown Temecula.


Elegant custom-built homes, gentlemen’s ranches, and expansive country estates sit upon sprawling lots that are required to be at least five acres in size. De Luz’s secluded setting, paired with the glorious Temecula Valley microclimate make this exclusive community a haven for anyone seeking tranquility.
Local zoning restrictions help maintain the community’s character by keeping population density as low as possible. Some properties are even situated on incredible lots that may stretch as much as 100 acres in size, with wells, running streams, quaint historic buildings, and citrus fruit groves dotting their grounds. Many properties in this neighborhood come with their own equestrian facilities, while others boast tennis courts and other outdoor sport areas.


With mountains to the north and Camp Pendleton to the west, De Luz has been shielded from the trend toward urbanization, therefore maintaining its unspoiled rural character and resplendent old-world serenity.
De Luz enjoys a comfortable climate, with summertime highs averaging in the mid-80s and winter daytime temperatures rarely dipping below the mid-60s. De Luz’s climate supports a range of farms, groves, and commercial nurseries, while the neighborhood allows easy access to the 30-plus renowned vineyards comprising Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Despite its isolated location, De Luz is easily accessible by freeways to Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles. The nearby cities of Temecula and Village of Fallbrook offer access to extensive urban amenities that include a wide range of shops, restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment options. From anywhere in De Luz, these vibrant commercial centers are no more than a 20-minute drive away.